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We help your brand stand out and sell directly to consumers on Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading Marketplaces.
Want to know how? Ask us for an online audit report, and we’ll show you…for free!

Exceptional Marketplace Stores Competitor Beating Product Optimisation Seamless Website Integration World-class Customer Service 24/7 Revenue boosting Amazon Ads Dynamic Shipping Configuration Deal winning Promotions & Offers Lower-cost A+ Content Creation Time-saving Amazon FBA Setup

Selling on marketplaces takes time and know-how. We have both.

Marketplace experts working for your brand on-demand, for projects, part-time, or full-time.

Low Predictable Costs

Fixed hourly rates tied to performance and outcomes with no setup fees or lock-in periods. Start from $23 per hour. Stop anytime.

Marketplace Focused

We live and breathe marketplaces; it's all we do—you’ll have years of marketplace expertise at your fingertips. Ask us anything, anytime. We're on your team.

Exceptional Talent

Our marketplace team have worked with leading marketplaces and is trained and certified in marketplace selling and service best practices.

Performance Guaranteed

We’ll agree on deliverables and outcomes upfront. You can add or reduce tasks anytime; all our services are guaranteed.

Total Control

You have direct access to our team and a dedicated marketplace partner. We move to the beat of your drum with your priorities at the top of our minds.

Unrivalled Flexibility

Tap our team when you need more hands or ongoing from as little as 10 hours per month. Need a bigger team? Our largest clients have 100s of dedicated team members.

Make your brand an online hero with our performance guarantee!

Our experts take care of the tasks that need to be done but don’t need to be done by you and your local team.
So you can focus on you and your brand.

Store Set Up & Integration

Your marketplace stores are expertly set up, optimised and integrated with your website for a seamless buyer and fulfilment experience.

Optimisation & Management

Your products are listed, optimised and updated across your marketplaces. Pricing and shipping are monitored, up to date, and configured for optimal store performance and seller compliance.

Customer Service 24/7

Every customer enquiry, request, and ticket is professionally handled 24×7. Great customer service is the fastest path to ranking as a top seller.

Promotions & Offers

Boost sales results and enhance brand presence by leveraging marketplace and seasonal promotions. We’ll recommend, implement, manage, and report on the performance of your promotions.

Amazon Ads & A+ Content

Run targeted ad campaigns to put your brand in front of the fastest-growing marketplace audience in Australia. Make your brand stand out from the crowd on Amazon with A+ content.

Working with Ozzca is easy.

Flexible terms, no lock-in contracts, performance guaranteed.

Getting to Know You, Your Brand, and Your Goals

We’ll discuss your marketplace goals and your options with Ozzca.

Develop and present a Customised Plan and Pricing

You will receive a simple proposal with clear pricing and indicative timeline.

We get to work on executing the agreed game plan.

A single point of contact drives performance and provides weekly progress reporting.

We proudly support retailers, brand owners, and whole salers, small and large!

“Ozzca is part of our e-commerce team, working in sync with our business and executing essential activities that support our marketplace strategies. Their expertise and support across our twenty different marketplaces have allowed our team to focus on other priorities.”

Chaim – Global Electronics Wholesaler
“Ozzca has been managing our marketplaces for over a year now. They act as an extension of my team. We have one point of contact who understands our business, makes great recommendations, and executes our marketplace strategy across 10 marketplaces.”

Matthew – Premium Hospitality Equipment Supplier
“Ozzca manages all aspects of our marketplace strategy and has been part of our team since day one. They handled introductions, setup, and integration for all of our marketplaces and now provide back-end and customer support around the clock. They also handle our marketplace promotions and pricing adjustments to maximize sales.”

Major Health & Beauty Products Provider
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Frequently Asked Questions

Online marketplaces account for 63% of global online sales. Placing your products on marketplaces allows you to place your brand alongside other top brands and in front of billions of potential new customers. Category-focused marketplaces allow you to pinpoint your target customers without spending a fortune on marketing.
The marketplaces you sell on will depend on several factors, including your product category and target market. You should consider eBay, Amazon, Catch, MyDeal, Kogan, Bunnings, The Market, The Iconic, TradeMe, and MySale.
While integrations enable merchants and sellers to automate many elements, each marketplace operates differently. Keeping up with changes and ensuring your products are optimised, your store is compliant, and your customers are looked after takes a human touch.
If your growth strategy involves selling on marketplaces, you need an expert or a team of experts in your corner. We are 100% focused on online marketplaces, and are available on-demand or for ongoing support, and our services are guaranteed.
What’s your time worth? Operating costs and time spent selling hundreds or thousands of products on one or more marketplaces were key drivers for launching Ozzca. Our team of experts are based in the Philippines. This, combined with our rich background in professional enterprise outsourcing, means we can provide our services at a much lower cost than if you performed the same functions in Australia or New Zealand.
No. We provide unrivalled flexibility with hourly on-demand, project-based, and bundled pricing options. We can get started quickly, and you can stop using our services anytime with 30 days written notice.
We grew up in the enterprise services space so are used to working with Service Level Agreements. We agree to deliverables and service levels upfront. We provide full management oversight and reporting on our output. If we fail to meet the agreed deliverables or the service level, we refund the associate billing or credit your next invoice.
No. While our team are based in the Philippines, Ozzca is a Marketplace Services business that provides practical solutions to challenges faced by retailers and wholesalers wanting to sell on Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading marketplaces.
Our customers have 3 billing options.

1) customers can utilise our skills on an hourly basis. This is great for graphic design or bookkeeping work.

2) bundled pricing allows our customers to build their solutions based on the number of products, marketplaces, services, and support needed.

3) project billing is great for setting up or integrating one or more marketplaces with your website.
No. We work 100% for our retail and wholesale customers. We may recommend marketplaces and integration technologies suitable for your product range and desired outcomes. We have no affiliation and receive no payments from marketplace providers or suppliers.
Contact us for a free consultation. We’ll discuss your goals, preferred marketplaces, and provide a personalised quote based on your requirements.
While we are focused on marketplaces, Ozzca is part of major outsource provider, Emapta, which supports 800+ clients, with more than 7,000 staff across 6 countries. Our affiliation with Emapta means we can provide other services, including bookkeeping, lead generation, and building specialist teams offshore in countries like the Philippines.

Sell more, service better and grow for less.