Learn how to sell on Amazon Australia with this quick guide.

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How to Sell on Amazon Australia: A Quick Guide to the Marketplace

Want to learn how to sell on Amazon Australia? Here’s everything you need to know to get started as a seller.

If you want to become an online retailer, learning how to sell on Amazon Australia is a must. As a global e-commerce giant, it’s no surprise that Amazon.com.au is one of the top marketplaces across Australia and New Zealand.

Ranked as the #2 marketplace in the country, Amazon Australia amassed 53.2 million visits in March 2023. Its dominance in the marketplace category is less pronounced than its US counterpart, largely due to its entry into the market just five years ago. Amazon Australia’s growth is gaining ground, putting many major players on notice.

If you want to sell on Amazon Australia, here’s a quick guide to get you started.

Why Sell on Amazon Australia?

Arguably one of the most recognizable names among marketplaces, Amazon allows sellers to reach millions of customers in over 180 countries. Amazon has over 300 million active customers and over 1.9 million selling partners across the globe.

Amazon Australia’s estimated share of online sales is set to grow in the coming years. According to Statista, the marketplace will account for around 20% of all online sales in Australia by 2026.

What Products Can You Sell?

When Amazon first entered the Australian market, the marketplace featured around 7.5 million items across 23 categories. Today, Amazon AU has doubled its distribution capacity and expanded its product range to 200 million items across 31 categories.

As a general marketplace, you can sell practically anything on Amazon Australia. Of course, you must be mindful of marketplace standards and consumer regulations to make sure that your products adhere to compliance rules.

How to Sell on Amazon Australia

Your first sale is just around the corner, if you follow the basics. Here’s a step-by-step guide and some useful information to know before selling on Amazon Australia.

1. Choose your plan

The marketplace offers two selling plans, offering the flexibility to sell a handful of items or sell thousands of products.

The Individual selling plan is perfect if you sell under 50 items a month, don’t need access to advanced selling tools or programs, and are still deciding on what to sell. The Professional selling plan is for those who sell over 50 items a month, want to advertise their products, want to qualify for top placement on product detail pages, and would like access to APIs and selling reports.

The cost of selling on Amazon depends on your plan. As of April 2023, the Individual plan costs $0.99 per listing, excluding GST. Meanwhile, the Professional plan costs $49.95 per month. Each item sold on the platform will also incur commissions of 5-15%, depending on the category the product falls under. You can check the full list of fees here.

2. Sign up and verify your identity

You must complete the identity verification process to register as a seller on Amazon Australia. Here’s a list of things you need:
  • Current passport, driver’s or business license
  • Mobile number that can receive SMS or telephone number to receive calls
  • Credit card details for subscription charges
  • Proof of business validity (bank or credit card statements issued within the past 180 days)

The registration also requires you to input your business location and type, your personal information, and store and product information. Once you fill out the form and upload copies of your documents, you can schedule a video call with a representative to verify your identity.

In some cases, Amazon AU will send a postcard to your business address. Once you receive the card, you just have to log back into your account and enter the verification code to complete your registration.

3. Get familiar with seller central

Seller Central is the one-stop portal for selling on Amazon. Here, you can manage your selling account, inventory, payments, and information. You can also find helpful content as you grow your Amazon business.

Here are some of the things you can do on Seller Central:

  • Monitor your inventory and update your listings
  • Bookmark often-used templates
  • Download custom business reports
  • Use customer metrics tools to monitor seller performance
  • Track your daily sales
  • Create advertisements and promotions with coupons and discounts
  • Create A+ content

4. List your products

While individual sellers list products one at a time, professionals can choose to list products by bulk uploading or third-party integration systems.

In most cases, the products you sell must have a Global Trade Item Number (GTIN) such as a UPC, an ISBN, or an EAN. Amazon uses these product IDs to identify the exact item you’re selling. You will also need information such as SKUs, product titles, product descriptions, product images, and search terms to add to your listing.

Here are several things to note when creating your product listings:

  • Title: 200 characters max, capitalize the first letter of every word
  • Images: 500×500 or 1,000×1,000 pixels to increase the listing quality
  • Variations: add different colours, scents, or sizes where necessary
  • Bullet points: short descriptive sentences highlighting key features
  • Description: adding search terms and keywords improve discoverability

Once you publish your listings, you can start making sales.

5. Fulfilling orders

Amazon sellers have two options for delivering orders. Each method has its own set of benefits, and you can choose different fulfillment options for different products based on your business needs.

You can choose merchant fulfillment, meaning you store and ship products yourself. Amazon charges shipping rates based on the product category and shipping service the customer chooses, then passes the amount to you in the form of a shipping credit.

If you prefer to have Amazon handle the complexities of shipping for you, you can use Amazon Easy Ship for a flat fee per consignment.

Another option is Amazon FBA. Sellers can ship their inventory to an Amazon AU fulfillment centre and their associates will pick, pack, and ship any orders with 24×7 service for your customers. All that’s left for you to do is manage your stock levels and get more sales.

Want to Sell on Amazon Australia? Get Ozzca’s Help!

Marketplaces make it easy to start selling online. However, it can be difficult to navigate if you’re just starting, entering a completely new market, or already managing listings on multiple marketplaces.

The work that goes into setting up and managing marketplace stores can be tricky and tedious. If you need help selling on Amazon Australia and other marketplaces, Ozzca’s here for you.

With a laser focus on the Australian and New Zealand markets, Ozzca serves as a one-stop shop for all things marketplace management. Our team of marketplace specialists can help with your marketplace needs from start to finish, from store setup and integration to store and compliance management. We can also provide customer service when you need it, whether it’s 24×7, after hours, or on weekends. Our goal is to be your marketplace sidekick so you can focus on growing your business.

With our expertise in marketplaces and your business savvy, you can find success on Amazon Australia and other marketplaces.

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