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How to Sell on Catch Marketplace: A Step-by-Step Guide

Want to know how to sell on Catch Marketplace? Here’s everything you need to know about the platform and how to find success as a Catch seller.

Every online retailer wants to sell strategically with the intention to turn profit and establish a brand. With this in mind, sellers prefer to list their items on well-established online marketplaces. If you’re planning to enter the Australian market, then Catch should be among your considerations.

Catch is one of the top online marketplaces in Australia with over 2.5 million product listings across 16 categories, including furniture, electronics, apparel, pet supplies, and more.

How to Sell on Catch

Catch identifies itself as a curated platform. To explain, they’re curated in the way that it only features professional sellers. Retailers who want to sell on the platform need to fill in an application form, which Catch carefully reviews prior to approval.

Sellers must provide information about their businesses, including:

  • Business name
  • Contact details
  • Product categories
  • Number of company employees
  • Website
  • Office and warehouse locations
  • Estimated annual sales

Approved businesses will receive a store login and a copy of the seller agreement. The next steps involve creating an account and providing additional information such as:

  • Bank account information
  • Return policy
  • Shipping and delivery charges

Sellers also need to specify their integration method, whether it’s manual, through a technology partner, a third-party connector, or an API.

Once you upload your products, Catch does a final review before your listings go live. To prevent any issues, here are a few things to note when creating your product pages:

  • Catch has restricted product categories, including adult items, alcohol, food, refurbished products, and more. You can find a full list of restrictions and prohibited items here.
  • Product titles should be clear and concise, with a maximum 255 alphanumeric characters. All caps are not allowed.
  • Product descriptions should answer any questions a buyer may have about the item, with a maximum 2,000 alphanumeric characters.
  • For product photos, you need to provide at least one image with a white background as well as standard lifestyle images. Catch will reject photos with logos, watermarks, badges, or text.

Content reviews can take up to five business days, so it’s important to get things right the first time to avoid delays.

The Advantages of Selling on Catch

Catch continues to attract sellers with all the success it has amassed over the years, bringing plenty of benefits to qualified retailers. Here’s a list of reasons why local and international sellers prefer selling on Catch:

  • Its unrestricted listing structure allows sellers to list unlimited SKUs across multiple categories.
  • Catch offers free onboarding support to ensure a seamless store integration.
  • Expert category managers make the signup process smooth.
  • Dedicated account managers offer expert advice in sales strategies, promotional management, and store support.
  • An integration partner team helps guide sellers on the best way to list products online.
  • A 24/7 seller support to assist with technical customer enquiries.
  • Distribution partners help international sellers fulfill orders in Australia.
  • An engaged customer base with an average order value of $105 and a 2% return rate.


How Much Does It Cost to Sell on Catch?

Catch seller fees include a monthly subscription fee of $49.99, which is inclusive of Goods and Services Tax (GST). To point out, Catch waives this for the first two months from your marketplace launch as a free trial period.

The marketplace also takes a cut of your sales, the percentage of which depends on the product category. Commissions can be anywhere between 8-20% of the order total, covering GST, payment channel fees, and fraud checks and chargebacks. On the other hand, Catch does not charge any listing fees and returns commissions for all refunded orders.

Find Success on Catch with Ozzca

There are several ways Catch retailers can increase their likelihood of success, improve their seller ranking, and maximise their potential.

Firstly, make sure you adhere to the platform’s seller expectations regarding order fulfillment and customer service. These include sending a package within two business days, responding to customer queries within a 48-hour window, and maintaining accurate stock management systems.

Secondly, don’t forget to make the most of free and paid promotions. Catch hosts over 150 promotional events every week. These are based on consumer trends, seasonal products, and key marketing events such as Xmas Trade, Boxing Day, Click Frenzy, and more. These events can run up to a week, with marketing efforts done through EDM, social media, Google, and other internal Catch channels.

So how does Ozzca figure into all of this?

As your marketplace sidekick, we can handle everything from your store setup, integration, and optimisation to store and compliance management. We help you implement your sales and growth strategies to ensure your success on Catch. You can focus on your business while we handle the grunt of everyday tasks, including customer service and order management.

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