eBay? Amazon? MyDeal? What are the top online marketplaces for retailers who want to sell in Australia and New Zealand?

Top 13 Online Marketplaces in Australia and New Zealand

There are over 150 online marketplaces across the world. How do you choose which ones to sell on? If you’re a seller based in Australia and New Zealand or a global retailer targeting those markets, here’s a list of the top online marketplaces to get you started.

Australia is the 13th largest e-commerce market in the world, with New Zealand placing 48th. Both countries remain relatively new markets due to its vast geographies and spread-out population.

With the rise of marketplaces and the appearance of more fulfillment centers, selling online in the ANZ region is becoming increasingly convenient. Additionally, they’re quickly adopting international online shopping events such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, giving a compelling reason to get involved.

Given these points, you now have to ask the question: where exactly do you start? In no particular order, here are the top 13 marketplaces you need to be on. 

1. Amazon (Global | All Categories)

When you talk about marketplaces, it’s hard not to think about Amazon. It’s an e-commerce giant, so it’s not surprising to find out that 54% of Aussies used Amazon to buy something in 2020. Given that it has global reach and  that it covers all major product categories makes it a no-brainer to add to your brand’s marketplace strategy.

Despite being a juggernaut, Amazon doesn’t have the same brand recognition in Australia and New Zealand compared to the rest of the world. Given that it only launched in Australia in 2017, it’s still a relatively new channel.

However, the launch of Amazon AU Prime and Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) makes the platform a top choice. The two services offer potential solutions to the logistical challenge of shipping and offer faster delivery times.

2. eBay (Global | All Categories)

eBay is another obvious choice for marketplaces to consider. While it may not be as big as Amazon, it is a serious player. Additionally, eBay is a bigger deal in Australia and New Zealand. In fact, when it comes to the region, eBay is the largest online marketplace based on monthly visits. According to Statista, eBay gets nearly 62 million monthly visits versus Amazon’s 28.5 million.

Starting off as an auction site, eBay has since grown to serve as a true marketplace for the sale of new and used products. Just like Amazon, eBay features products across a wide range of categories.

Thanks to its 20-plus-year history in the region, marketplace sellers can easily leverage eBay’s long-standing reputation. Therefore, retailers and wholesalers can sell to a wide range of markets with a loyal customer base.

3. Catch (Australia | All Categories)

Based in Australia, Catch carries products across various categories, even including groceries. The platform’s focus is to make online shopping affordable for the regular Aussie, and has over 3 million active customers.

What makes Catch a top choice is its commitment to helping new sellers through dedicated onboarding specialists who provide guidance on getting started on the platform.

Additionally, Catch calls itself a curated marketplace, reviewing each retailer’s products and data quality before they can start selling. You can check out their seller eligibility criteria and see if you’d be a great fit on this marketplace.

4. MyDeal (Australia | Home and Lifestyle)

MyDeal is home to over 1,900 sellers offering over 6 million products with a focus on furniture, homeware, and everyday needs. So, if you’re selling home and lifestyle products and are looking to target a specific audience, then MyDeal is your best bet.

The benefits of selling on this marketplace include the fact that it handles all your listings and presents your products with a MyDeal storefront. Bear in mind that you are still the one responsible for handling the order fulfillment process. The platform also offers small business loans to sellers who need help with expansion costs or funding to secure an opportunity.

5. Kogan (Australia | All Categories)

With more than 3 million customers and over 5 million products sold in 2021, Kogan may be a relatively new player in the marketplace space but should certainly not be overlooked.  In New Zealand, Kogan operates under the brand Dick Smith. Upon registration, you can choose between becoming a supplier for the website or selling your manufactured products.

As a third-party marketplace seller on Kogan, you can grow your online presence while having the time to focus on building your brand. However, it’s important to note that Kogan is most suited for established businesses and not so much the smaller, independent sellers.

6. The Iconic (Australia and New Zealand | Fashion and Sports)

Founded in 2011, The Iconic is the top marketplace for fashion and apparel in Australia.

If you’re selling these goods, then there are a few things to consider before joining. For one thing, The Iconic doesn’t have a self-service setup for a seller account. Instead, you have to reach out and enquire about forming a partnership. However, that shouldn’t stop you from joining as The Iconic’s roster includes brands such as Nike and Calvin Klein. Thus, becoming a marketplace seller on this platform means you’ll be in great company.

7. TheMarket (New Zealand | Lifestyle)

Launched in 2019, TheMarket is a relative newcomer to the roster of online marketplaces. However, being new hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of the largest platforms in New Zealand. In fact, they’re ranking first within the broad e-commerce and shopping category.

In the same fashion as Amazon, TheMarket offers shoppers a subscription program with free shipping and other perks. It’s an ideal marketplace if you’re selling products that people buy regularly. To become a seller, you need to fill up an application to submit your brand and product details. Once approved, you’ll have access to the largest online shopping audience in New Zealand.

8. The Warehouse (New Zealand | All Categories)

Belonging to the same corporate group as TheMarket, The Warehouse is among the biggest online marketplaces for Kiwis, averaging 5 million monthly visits. The Warehouse offers a wide range of products with low prices, including clothing, homeware, electronics, and more. Customers have the option to shop online and pick up their items at the nearest The Warehouse location or have their items delivered to their doorsteps.

However, third-party sellers only have the option for door-to-door delivery since The Warehouse doesn’t carry their items in-store.

9. Bunnings (Australia and New Zealand | Home Improvement)

When it comes to the home improvement space, Bunnings is Australia and New Zealand’s undisputed leader. In 2019, the company took the shopping experience online with the aptly named Bunnings Marketplace.

On the other hand, becoming a seller on the platform isn’t a matter of a few clicks. You first need to fill out a seller interest form and hope to get chosen. However, this shouldn’t stop you from applying as Bunnings’ brand recognition is well worth the effort.

10. TradeMe (New Zealand | All Categories)

In similar fashion as eBay, TradeMe started as an auction and classifieds site. Today, it’s one of the biggest online marketplaces in New Zealand. In fact, it’s the fourth most visited site in the country with over 21 million monthly visits.

One of the benefits of selling on TradeMe includes a robust system for online store management. Additionally, the marketplace provides seller onboarding and helping optimise your listings for maximum effect.

While most account holders are Kiwis, TradeMe is a marketplace to watch for Aussies. TradeMe also supports international sellers with a global development manager or an account manager to help with listing setup.

11. OZSale (Australia | Fashion)

OZSale is the Aussie counterpart of Malaysia’s MySale. Both platforms offer a selection of fashion brands, beauty products, accessories, and homewares, serving over 1 million shoppers per month.

OZSale specialises in off-price inventory sales, helping brands reach the more price-conscious consumers. Given these points, it’s perfect for retailers who offer affordable prices and want to expand their reach beyond their usual segment.

The one caveat is that you can’t list your products automatically. In like manner with several marketplaces on this list, you need to fill out a form to get in touch with the company to discuss a partnership.

12. Fishpond (Australia and New Zealand | All Categories)

With over 25 million products available and audiences across ANZ, the UK, and the US, Fishpond isn’t one to ignore. The platform offers sellers the option to list products themselves or open a traditional trade account with the platform.

Firstly, you can list your products by barcode, add inventory in bulk, and set your own pricing. However, you’ll manage order fulfillment and logistics. Fishpond also collects 10% from the selling price and shipping cost for each sale you make.

Secondly, you can get a trade account which basically means Fishpond takes care of all products listings. You just have to submit all your product data and pricing information. You also ship your items in bulk to Fishpond’s fulfillment centers and commission on your sales won’t apply.

13. Grays (Australia and New Zealand | Industrial and Commercial Goods)

Grays is the largest industrial e-commerce business in the region. The platform is home to a wide range of industrial, auto, commercial, and consumer goods that come direct from manufacturers and distributors. This makes Grays the ideal marketplace for selling off excess stock or large business assets across categories such as engineering, home and garden appliances, fashion, and more.

Additionally, sellers on the platform benefit from a team of experts who can advise on sales and marketplace strategies.

Make Marketplaces Work for You

Now that you have a list of marketplaces to consider, it’s just a matter of figuring out how to become a success on them. However, you don’t have to do it alone.

With Ozzca as your marketplace sidekick, you can achieve your marketplace goals.

Here at Ozzca, we make marketplaces work for you through a range of marketplace focused services. These include setting up and optimising stores, developing sales and marketplace strategies, and even building your own team of marketplace experts.

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