Ozzca was created to meet a need in the market.

With the boom of online marketplaces, many small to midsize retailers and wholesalers have experienced an unprecedented surge in workload. Their small teams, already responsible for managing hundreds of products on their online store and other often other tasks, were now accountable for setting up new stores and managing the same product listings across multiple marketplaces.
Each marketplace operates differently, with unique and ever-changing listing preferences, shipping configuration, promotional tools and events, and seller compliance rules, even requiring different store integration platforms. It’s impossible to keep up, especially with a lean team.

That’s where Ozzca comes in. We are your marketplace sidekick, designed to make your brand the hero and your life easier. We provide a suite of simple, low-cost services to help our customers succeed on Australia’s and New Zealand’s leading online marketplaces.

About Ozzca: Your Marketplace Experts

It’s not our first rodeo.

Ozzca’s ability to deliver services sits on a foundation of 17+ years of experience in enterprise customer service and sales. Additionally, Ozzca is part of a group of companies that supports businesses of all sizes with over 7,000 staff across 6 countries.

About Ozzca: Female Team Members in Discussion
About Ozzca: core team members with our managing director, Andrew Mault
About Ozzca: team members in a huddle on the office couch

Partner with experts.

We understand the unique challenges faced by marketplace sellers because we know marketplaces. Our experts have years of experience working for and with popular platforms such as Amazon, eBay, MyDeal, and Catch, so they have in-depth and inside knowledge of these marketplaces. We also know the integration tools and eCommerce platforms and how to leverage promotions and pricing strategies to boost sales.

From store setup and integration, product optimisation, and 24X7 customer service to sales-boosting competitor research, pricing, shipping, and promotional strategies, we have the skills, resources, and know-how to help our customers sell more and sell better on marketplaces.
Built around a consultative approach and knowledge of business systems, and a team of experts in the Philippines, Ozzca offers a refreshing approach to marketplace management: transparent, flexible, performance-focused, and easy to work with, unlike other management and marketing agencies that exist today.

About Ozzca: team members having a small meeting
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